The Area’s Leader in Backflow Preventer Inspection & Testing

Serving the regions of Evansville IN, Bloomington IN, Owensboro KY and Henderson KY with Expert Backflow Preventer Inspection & Testing

Backflow Preventer Inspection & Testing

Many cities including Evansville, Newburgh, Huntingburg, and Owensboro require backflow preventer inspection and testing for commercial buildings, sprinkler systems including lawn (turf) irrigation, and fire systems. Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing is licensed in IN and KY for all of your backflow testing and repair needs. Altstadt Hoffman also files all of the necessary paperwork that your city requires.

We have multiple technicians certified to do the backflow testing in Indiana and Kentucky. We can test any backflow devices. (Fire, Domestic, and Irrigation.) We will pay the charge to report the results. If a device fails the annual test for any reason, we can give an estimate to repair/replace and complete the work. We typically set a customer up for annual reminders to call them before the device is due the next year. We have been using Aqua Backflow for years to track and report devices. We are very familiar with the reporting side of things with Aqua Backflow.