Underground Leak Detection

Sometimes pipes spring leaks from age and the usual wear and tear they endure. Other times, pipes were installed poorly or incorrectly when they were constructed. The heavy machinery used during other construction could have jarred the pipes. Plants growing around pipes can cause damage. There are a number of factors that you can’t control.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until pools of water are in your basement to find out you have a leak. Call a pro from Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing if you suspect piping, sink, toilet or tub and shower leak problems. With our state of the art equipment and leak detection methods, we draw on our years of experience to find and fix those leaks. Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing has the latest equipment for finding leaks.

Leak detection is our specialty. We service all kinds of systems that can spring a leak. We will find those leaky pipes no matter the location. With the latest tools, we can look:

  • Behind the walls
  • Under concrete slabs and asphalt
  • In irrigation systems
  • In radiant heating systems
  • In swimming pools
  • And much more

Signs that you may have a pipe leak:

  • Water bills that seem unusually high.
  • Water meter readings changing when not using water.
  • Sewer backup problems that become chronic.
  • Running toilets and dripping faucets.
  • Running water sounds when nothing is in use.
  • Spongy, soft, or discolored walls.
  • Musty odors from floors, walls near drains, or sewers.
  • Cracked, or unusually damp foundation or slab.
  • Warm areas on concrete floors, mildew, or excessive moisture under carpets.
  • In the yard, particularly wet or moist areas that are unusually wet or moist, often with very healthy (or unusual) plant or grass growth.
Pipe Leak Detection

Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing Will Respect You and Your Property

We don’t like to create and leave big messes. When the leak is found, we affect as little of your property as possible. We will clean up the messes we make, too. If we brought it in, we will take it out.

Your time is just as valuable as your property. You can’t stand around all day waiting for us to arrive. We promise we will arrive when scheduled.

When you call us to find and fix leaks, we help you save water. We may even be saving you from making costly home repairs. An undetected leak will ruin walls, rot floors, and cause other extensive property damage.

Don’t wait until that happens! Call us for leak detection services at the first sign of a leak. We can detect and repair leaks in any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Gas Leaks

If you detect a strong sulfuric odor in your home like that of rotten eggs, you may be experiencing a gas leak. Evacuate the home and do not use any electrical or mobile devices until you are safely outside. Leave the door open as you leave to help vent the gas out. Call 911 or your gas company. They will be able to cut off the supply line to your home. After the immediate danger has been taken care of, you can call the plumbing experts at Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing. Our professional technicians will use the latest technology to find the source of the leak in order to repair it quickly and efficiently.