Leak Detection for Swimming Pools & Spas

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Leak Detection for Swimming Pools & Spas
You paid a lot of money for your pool or spa, and a leak is an unnecessary expense you shouldn’t have to deal with. Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing thoroughly inspects pools, spas, and fountains for leaks.

Determining when your pool has a leak can be tough. Environmental factors do play a role in the water level, and just because your pool’s water is lower than normal does not mean it has a leak. Wind, humidity, and sun exposure all impact your rate of evaporation.

Warning signs of hidden leaks in pools and spas:

  • Cracks and gaps in the pool shell, or concrete deck, or a settling of the whole pool or spa structure into the ground.
  • Automatic filler constantly releasing water.
  • Loose or falling tiles or pool deck cracks.
  • Grass around the area is soggy
  • Your pool deck is sinking or lifting
  • Algae formation too soon after a chemical treatment.
  • Loss of 1/8 inch of water or more in 24 hours. Very hot weather could mean evaporation, but consistent losses on this scale should be checked by a professional.