Water Filters & Softeners for your Home

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Water Filters & Softeners

As the ability of municipalities to offer potable, safe and good-tasting water has declined, we all have become more conscious of water taste, safety and contamination. The wide availability of safe bottled water has made us more critical of the water out of our tap. It is the goal of Altstadt Hoffman Plumbing to provide customers with filtered water that meets or exceeds the quality and taste of bottled water.

Appliances benefit from water filtration

Impurities in hard water can form scaly deposits inside plumbing, hot water heaters and humidifiers causing costly maintenance problems. Water filtration reduces deposit-forming impurities so that water-using appliances last longer and work more efficiently.

Why Watertech?

Studies show that 75 percent of Americans are concerned about water quality. Look around, and you will see that bottled water or home water filters have become commonplace. And, think about how much water plays a part in your life.

Having a REIONATOR® whole-house water conditioner can improve and make the water in your home more efficient.

A REIONATOR® home system will reduce:

  • The hardness in your water
  • Ferrous Iron
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates and Sulfates
  • That slimy feel when you bathe or shower
  • Bad taste and odors

Most water that enters your home is hard, or contains other elements that will have adverse affects. The REIONATOR® will not only reduce calcium and magnesium that causes hard water, but will also reduce iron, aesthetic chlorine, sulfates, and nitrates.